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December 2016 - IOxOS Technologies releases the IFC_1410, a MTCA.4 intelligent FMC carrier in AMC form factor featuring NXP QorIQ T Series and Xilinx Kintex UltraScale devices [learn more]


DO-254 is a document providing guidance for the development of Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH), published by RTCA and accepted as a mean of compliance by both FAA and EASA certification authorities

There are five Design Assurance Levels (DAL), A through E, which depend on the effect a failure of the AEH will have on the operation of the aircraft. DAL A is the most stringent assurance level, defined as catastrophic, while a failure of DAL E hardware will not affect the safety of the aircraft

IOxOS Technologies offer DO-254 compliant electronic designs targeting the most critical Design Assurance Level (DAL A) in order to fit all the possible applications, from critical airborne systems to high-reliability ground-based equipments. This design expertise is complemented with consulting services, from gap analysis to supporting processes management