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ADP 4002 - ARINC 664 Demonstrator Platform

Demonstrator Platform for ARINC 664 End System Controller IP Core


  • 3U Eurocard form factor
  • Demonstrator Platform for IOxOS Technologies ARINC 664 End System Controller IP Core
  • Four(4) RJ45 Frontpanel connectors
    • Two (2) Dual redundant ARINC 664 channels 10/100BaseT
    • Two (2) Optional ARINC 664 channels or User Interface
  • Embedded Power Supply
  • Up to 4 GByte DDR2 system memory
  • PCI Express x4 external cabling back connector
  • Built-in Xilinx Virtex-5T FPGA
  • FPGA user area for custom applications powered by TOSCA I FPGA Design Kit
  • API & Libraries available for Linux and Windows
FPGA / IP Cores
  • ADNESC - DO-254 DAL A compliant ARINC 664 End System Controller


FPGA / FPGA Design Kits

  • TOSCA I - FPGA Desgn Kit for Xilinx Virtex-5T