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December 2016 - IOxOS Technologies releases the IFC_1410, a MTCA.4 intelligent FMC carrier in AMC form factor featuring NXP QorIQ T Series and Xilinx Kintex UltraScale devices [learn more]

A Comprehensive Family of PCI Express based COTS Solutions


By combining our IP Cores with our hardware design expertise, IOxOS Technologies provides a comprehensive family of PCI Express based COTS solutions in the most popular industry form factors such as VME64x, VXI, PXI Express, PMC, XMC and FMC among others

Our COTS product line offers a modular, FPGA centric and obsolescent-proof system architecture which has its fundamentals in a complete range of complementary products:



FPGAs are at the core of almost all these products. To make the most of these high-performance programmable devices and enable the integration of custom applications, our COTS product line is powered by the TOSCA solution, an FPGA Design Kit developed by IOxOS Technologies which covers all the development path, from the software application to the FPGA user code.

Linux, Windows and VxWorks are supported by IOxOS Technologies Single Board Computers.