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APX 2300 - XMC Mezzanine Card

Dual ARINC 664 End System Controller XMC Mezzanine Module

  • Built on latest Xilinx Virtex-6T technology with PCI Express GEN2 embedded supportAPX2300
  • XMC VITA 42.3 form factor supporting PCI Express GEN2 x4, x2 and x1
  • Up to Two (2) Dual Redundant ARINC 664 Channels
  • Embedding High-performance ADNESC ARINC 664 End System Controller:
    • Performance in reception of 100%
    • No jitter in transmission
    • No limit for number of Virtual Links in transmission (depends on available memory size)
    • Up to 2048 Virtual Links in reception
  • Built-in Safety Monitoring and Failure Detection Mechanisms
    • SECDED for logic error detection and correction
    • Continuous memory integrity checking
    • BIST capability
  • On-board SPI Flash to store several ARINC 664 End System Configuration Tables
  • Standard air cooled (0ºC to 70ºC) version


APX 2300 - Dual ARINC 664 End System Controller XMC Mezzanine Module 


FPGA / IP Cores

  • ADNESC - DO-254 DAL A compliant ARINC 664 End System Controller
FPGA / FPGA Design Kits

  • TOSCA II - FPGA Design Kit for Xilinx Virtex-6T